Services / Analysis

By using NX and FEMAP finite element analysis softwares, we are solving;

  • L/NL Static Analysis
  • L/NL Buckling Analysis
  • Fatigue/Life Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • L/NL Transient Analysis
  • Frequency and Spectrum Analysis
  • Shock and Vibration Analysis
  • Impact, Crash, Explosion Analysis
  • Rigid/Elastic Body Motion Simulations
  • L/NL, Steady State/Transient Thermal Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Composite Material Analysis
  • Multi-Physics Analysis
  • Turbomachinery Analysis
  • Topology Optimization

problems needed in the advanced engineering applications. In addition, according to the requests of our customers, we reliably convert NX Nastran solution files into ANSYS, MSC Nastran, LS-Dyna and Abaqus data formats.

Please contact us to get more information about our analysis and simulation services.