who we are?

TURA Engineering Co., Ltd. has founded in 2011. Since then, we actively serve for;

  • defense,
  • aviation,
  • manufacturing

industries among many others, providing;

  • consultancy,
  • training,
  • technical support

services within various branches of engineering disciplines such as;

  • design,
  • design optimization,
  • structural mechanics,
  • fluid mechanics,
  • simulation,
  • manufacturing.

With our dynamic and talented devoted team, we proceed high level engineering activities from three main branches;

  • mechanical design,
  • multiphysics simulation (FEA & CFD),
  • robotics (autonomous systems).

With the aid of integrity of those disciplines, we can serve unique and integrated solutions to our customers.

In year 2012, TURA Engineering became the Turkish dealer of world’s leading CAE software solutions;

  • Siemens NX Nastran,

after initiating a partnership with Bogazici Software. TURA is now offering;

  • sales,
  • consultancy,
  • training,
  • technical support

services regarding NX Nastran and FEMAP software product families.

In year 2013, as the result of its aggreement with Coppelia Robotics (Swiss), TURA Engineering became the exclusive distributor of world’s leading Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform V-REP and its related product families for Turkey. As a result of this, TURA had the ability to provide;

  • software sales,
  • consultancy,
  • training,
  • technical support

also for robotics and automation projects.

TURA aims to be a reliable solution partner for its customers with its legacy and vision.

what we believe in?

We absolutely believe in;

  • science,
  • engineering,
  • endless necessity of continuous advancement.

In this perspective, it will be our major mission and an indispensable principle to make advanced engineering and R&D processes more efficient and to provide;

  • qualified,
  • reliable,
  • competitive

products and services for our customers, partners, country and the globe.